Robot Koch

Robot Koch and Savannah Jo Lack - Siku (Official Video)
Renowned for his inventive and intricate sonic palettes and experimental compositions, musical maverick Robot Koch has joined forces with Iceberg Songs to raise awareness about climate change and global warming. Initiated back in 2009 by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), Iceberg Songs is a lofty project that examines the erosion of glacial ice caps and the implications on our fragile (global) ecosystem. After years of monitoring, the UNFCC was able to log the mysterious sounds and inflections of the ice melt, a rhythmic cadence of ice chunks clunking and thumping into the ocean. This inspired Robot to compose a mellifluous and melancholic soundscape, and to bring the issue to the forefront of the public and amplify mother nature's cry for help.

Check out our snappy Q+A with the eco-warrior/composer leading the charge for climate change via experimental sound.


What is your music truly about?

It`s about expressing something very subtle and genuine i guess, something that words would be too limited to express. you could say it´s about expressing emotions but i think music carries more than that. it might trigger our emotions but it also travels time and space to convey a message our rational mind cannot grasp. if this sounds vague then maybe it`s because the rational mind can`t compute. it`s something than can only be felt and never be fully understood. I read this quote by alan moore, that "magic is only science we haven`t understood yet." so to me music is magical.


When did you know that you wanted to compose music? And what inspires you?

i was watching MTV as a kid, back in Germany in the early 90`s, maybe 14 years old, and saw a video by the band Faith No More. It blew my mind, i knew then and there and whatever this was is what i wanted to do. i felt really inspired. But not only music inspires me, it can be the weather, a conversation or just being in nature. landscapes are actually a huge inspiration to me. and space, the universe, science fiction.


What’s your take on the climate change?

it`s a real thing. we can`t pretend it`s not. but it`s not only up to our world leaders to take action, we can do our share too. we can vote with our dollar, decide what we consume and how we do it. we can even take the money out of the bank that might be involved in investments that damage the environment and open an account with an ethical bank that invests in sustainable projects.


Do you have any special plans for 2017?

I feel like 2017 is gonna be a good year. I have a lot of new music lined up, collaborations, singles, EP, it`s gonna be exciting. I also started to have really interesting conversations in regards of film scoring, so let`s see what pans out next year, but i got a good feeling about it. Cheers! 


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