Terra Firma

Humans have been shaping and changing the Earth for thousands of years, sometimes for the better, sometimes not. Seen from deep space, our terraforming methods can look surreal, sublime and even alien-like. Inspired by the 'overview effect', a term referring to the sensation astronauts feel when gazing down on the Earth from the heavens, New York based creative and owner of the 'Daily Overview', Benjamin Grant, has delivered a unique collection of satellite images that showcase the planet's landscape and topographical formations in full, fervid form. Highlighting various geological and geometric formations -- from sprawling agricultural patches to grand and gorgeous urban grids -- Benjamin captures our indelible presence on the planet's surface and the concomitant economic, environmental and social changes we've made over time. “We believe that beholding these forces as they shape our Earth is necessary to make progress in understanding who we are as a species, and what is needed to sustain a safe and healthy planet.” As much as the book provides a mesmerizing, optically stunning essay on humanity's relationship with Earth, Benjamin hopes that readers will contemplate the pros and cons objectively, and to consider what it means for our malleable and fragile planet, the place we call home.


All images/footage in this post courtesy of The Daily Overview

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