Tobias’ Majestic Spectacles

Hailing from Ekilstuna, Sweden,

Tobias Hägg is the intrepid artist who captures sweeping canvases of nature and life.  His soothing still frames and fresh video clips offer nuanced artistic panoramas, providing a unique visual experience of nature and all its splendor. Experiencing Tobias’ work is like a cathartic and meditative excursion -- an almost-alchemical immersion into the sublime that expands the consciousness and nourishes the soul.

We’re hooked on his art! Check out our pithy Q&A below with Tobias!


1)   When and how did you discover your passion for naturalism and art?

This is a tricky question but i will try...Eversince I was a kid, my insterest  was in doing something with visual effects. I don't know why, but I remember exploring a lot in my younger years with using different techniques to edit stills and film. The work i did back then is something i rarely shared with people, it was a very private hobby of mine. Years went by and I took several breaks, even at a point where I thought I was done for good. I stopped shooting but still went to explore nature. After a while, my girlfriend asked me why I wasn't pursuing that dream of mine since she thought I was talented and was clearly passionate about it. So i started to pick it up again, but this time I didn't want to do it casually like I've done before in the past. I wanted to really chase my dream to work and become a fulltime photographer/film maker and that's where I am right now. 



2)   We noticed a lot of your videos are aerial shots. Do you use drones? How do you feel about applying technology to art?

Yes, many aerial shots. I use a drone and sometimes small planes / helicopter. It depends on the situation of where I am and what I am trying to do. Technology helps me to do the things I have visualised in my dreams for so long. So I would say I am very pleased with it. 



3)   Out of all the places you’ve traveled to, which one has left the strongest impression on you?

This is a hard one since every travel I do leaves such a strong impression on me. One is definitely Iceland. I've been dreaming of visiting Iceland for so long and when I finally got the chance to do it, the experience has left me speechless from all the amazing scenery. I'm sure I will go back there very soon. Another travel that left another big impression on me was Lofoten, it's above the Arctic Circle. Again, the scenery was amazing but the people of Lofoten left such a big, postive impression on me. The were very open, warm and friendly. 



4)   What are your plans for 2017?

I have big plans for this year and I am eager to start working toward my new goals. I hope to travel more and to continue to make improvements with my work. So the first travel is actually 2 weeks away from today I will be visiting California for the first time. Quite excited to see what California has to offer and to spend some time there.




All images/footage in this post courtesy of Tobias Hägg

For more of Tobias' work:


Instagram: @airpixels

Vimeo: Tobias Hägg